We are a small hobbyist-breeder living out "Our Love of Goldens" by breeding, raising, training, and placing top quality, AKC Golden puppies in loving homes.

Our puppies are born in our home where they spend the first 3 to 4 weeks with their mom, dad, & our family. 
Socialization begins on the first day & never stops. Their puppy cribs, which are giant children's wading pools, are lined with towels to eliminate newspaper ink exposure.  The towels allow the newborns to gain traction which decrease the chance of  "sprawling legs."  Needless to say our washing machine never stops. 

Between the 4th & 5th week the pups are moved to our attached garage, set up especially to accommodate their needs.   They learn the concept of "potty training (potty litter pool)" . They start to explore their new world.

Life is just one big party as they spend their days with their litter mates, romping, running, & playing with an endless amount of tennis balls, rope toys, squeaky toys, etc. They learn "doggy things" from mom and dad, begin to eat solid food & enjoy napping in the sunshine. We take notes on their individual personalities as each pup is starting to exhibit their own unique traits. Even at this young age they show remarkable intelligence. They know the bus sound means the kids are home and they run to the gate to wait.  They know which cat is "nice-cat" and which one is "devil-cat." They are learning that jumping or chewing on "people" is not acceptable and they won't get attention when they do this. 

At 6 weeks our Vet makes a house call for check ups, shots, their Avid Chip* implant,  and a de-worming.  Having the Vet come to our home prevents our precious ones from being exposed to germs at the Vet's office.  *We supply, implant & pre-pay the National/Lifetime registration of your pup's Avid Chip; which is a savings to you of  between $60 to $100. (The Avid Chip is an implanted micro chip that when scanned, ID's your pup as belonging to you in case your pup is ever lost or stolen.)

Our previous pups have been featured on magazine covers & on Animal Planet, & have been in movies & commercials. We are AKC Compliant; passing all inspections.

We proudly support several organizations - Including
Canine Support Teams, Inc. Right now we have 5+ being trained in their prison program. These will go to the disabled. "Placed"
Americans Service Animal Society in AZ (Dogs4Vets.org)
Grandson and Pups
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9 years later - "2015"
Grandson and Pups

U-Tube Video of SoCal Goldens party  10-18-15
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Located in Jurupa Valley - Riverside, CA 92509

Jurupa Valley - Riverside's Finest Golden Doodles & Golden Retrievers
Ezra - SoCal's Flash Drive AKC Golden Retriever
Who we are and what we do